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Your packaging is your first impression.

We all know first impressions count. Have you taken time to consider what kind of first impression your customers are getting of your product? The packaging you place your product in creates that all important first impression and it is worth taking some time to consider. Do your customers get home from your shop and carefully unwrap the packaging with anticipation? Or is your product rolling around in the bottom of a cheap and cheerful plastic bag? There is huge difference in the way a customer sees a  brand who supplies its earrings on a plastic hanging card, and one who gives their customer a box to protect their jewellery and display the earrings beautifully.

Turnberry Range

There are many household name brands whose packaging plays a huge part in their image. People keep iPhone and iPad boxes because they like them, securing Apple's reputation for selling high quality well designed products.

Tiffany & Co. is another example. Packaging which is created and supplied by our parent company International Packaging Corporation, is so well known the colour has been trademarked, and the boxes found in bedrooms and dressing tables all over the world.

You may think these large and globally known brands are not relevant to your business, and that maybe you can't afford designers and bespoke packaging. But at Stockpak we can offer quality solutions at wholesale prices. We have design led ranges of jewellery boxes for rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and watches, from the classic black and white of the Carnoustie Range, or the subtle and traditional Troon Range boxes. And colourful gift boxes to suit many giftware items.

So consider going that extra mile when packaging your gifts and jewellery to create that all important first impression the way you think it should be.


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